woensdag 10 december 2014

The Designer's Diner Train : Out of Africa

The Designer's Diner Train is leaving the station.
We've collected some of the best 'cooks' in
Digi Land to whip you up a delicious dinner of goodies.
You'll find that whetting your appetite with our yummy
goodies from our Diner Train will leave you with
a warm glow and a hard drive full of wonderful goodies.
It's a full meal and we offer it to you in love.

Out of Africa

List of the 9 designers in the December Designer's Diner Train:

Els - http://bit.ly/AahQXdesign-blog 
Karen - http://kpdesigns-digi-art.blogspot.nl
Miriana - http://LeteratiArtfulScraps.blogspot.com
Stephanie - sbpcreations.blogspot.nl

You can download my part here: Out of Africa

Arianne - http://ariannegrafx.blogspot.de/
Lins - http://lindsaysmenagerie.blogspot.nl
Debra - https://www.facebook.com/snackpackgu.designs
Caroline - http://bbk-scrapbook-corner.blogspot.fr/
Dora - http://www.dorasdigitals.blogspot.com/

Don't forget that we live in different timezones!
Have fun with all the flavours!

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