maandag 5 januari 2015

CU Lifetime Extended License [CU] - $15.00 : RAW, Render Art World

Only when state CU on the preview.
 This license is non-transferable and doesn't  expire unless revoked for Terms of Use violations.
 You never have to buy this license again.
 Only if you bought this license you may use all my CU products  in all my stores as CU4CU.
  -You can use it in your scrapkits, make cards and so on.
  -You has to change my product before you use it, don't claime it as your own.
  -You can colorize and resize to fit your needs.
  *Don't sell at it is.
  *Don't use it as a freebie in anywise what so ever.
  Read my tou.
  Fill in the document in the zip and sent it back to me so you can get your license from me.
  License must be displayed on your blog/website.

Only in this store, is now my CU Lifetime Extended License $15.00
And all of the posers are now only $1.00

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